IBC Tote Heaters

330 and 275 Gallon IBC Tote Heater Insulated Blankets

Powerblanket Tote series tank heaters are flexible wrap around surface heaters utilizing patented heat spreading technology to deliver a barrier of heat to temperature sensitive materials. Ideal for heating chemicals, rubber, epoxy, resins, water, honey, food, and other temperature sensitive materials. 

Includes Thermostat Controller & Insulated Removable Top Cover

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Common uses: Material Heating, Tote Warming, Epoxy & Resin Warming, Gas & Oil Heating, Water & Paint Warming.  Heat Chemicals, Honey, Molasses, Food Products, and much more.

275 gallon Tote Heater
330 gallon Tote Heater

CSA & UL Certified


Part# TH275 – 275 gallon Tote Blanket Heater (Adjustable Fit)

Part# TH330 – 330 gallon Tote Blanket Heater (Adjustable Fit)

Part# Size Weight Temp Min Allowable Temp Voltage Power Current UL/CSA Price
TH275 275 gallon 50 lbs Up to 160° -10° 120 volts 1440 watts 12.0 amps yes $1449.00 ea
TH330 330 gallon 60 lbs Up to 160° -10° 120 volts 1440 watts 12.0 amps yes $1549.00 ea

Removable Top Cover & Thermostat Controller Included

with all Powerblanket Tote Heaters

Adjustable Thermostatic Controller
(included with all Pro model Drum/Bucket & Tote Heaters)

Part# GHT2002J – Digital Thermostatic Controller 

Part# Description Price
GHT2002J Adjustable Digital Thermostatic Controller $119.00 ea


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